Academic Institutions Tariffs

Charges payableby Academic Institutions / Govt. Departments / Statutory Bodies
Sr.No. Charge Head Service Description Charge Ceiling
1.1 Registration Depository would receive the Registration form, Agreement and User Creation Forms as per details and data format approved by MHRD / UGC in physical / online manner. Depository would perform basic validations / checks with UGC database and other documentary checks, including on the status of recognition. Depository would register the AI on Depository System, Allocate a Unique AI Code, create access for Authorised Users of the AI and inform the AI of the same. Depository would also share the AI details with other Depositories of CVL-AD. Waived upto Sept 30, 2019.
1.2 Annual Maintenance Fee Depository would maintain the details of AI, Courses operated by it, affiliated colleges, awards data lodged and details of mapping with the concerned students. It will facilitate the AI to perform and operate such services as described in agreement between the AI and the Depository and provide free access to awards lodged by the AI and reports on such awards and their usage. Waived upto Sept 30, 2019.
1.3 Initial Training Depository will provide digital training* collaterals, support and conduct one training program to facilitate the officials of the AI to understand and operate Depository system. Waived upto Sept 30, 2019.

*In case of Training-Trainer's Boarding, Lodging & Travel (at Actual) will be arranged by the AI.
1.4 Upload of awards data in specified format Depository will provide access to the AI to lodge the authenticated, verified and authorised data of academic awards in Depository system under a system of digital signatures and make-checker verification. The AI need to prepare the data in data format as prescribed by Depository and so as to be compatible with Depository System and Digital Locker System and need to contain verified details of the Aadhaar or CVL ID of each student. Depository system will validate the data as per its internal validations, format validations and master data validations. Depository system will generate academic awards, create unique CVL-AD Certificate ID, provide response file to AI, map the awards with students registered in CVL-AD. Depository will share the awards data with other depositories of CVL-AD. It will enable the students and verifiers to access award details and copy/download the same. CVL-AD award data will be the final data of award details and will be kept updated by AI. Waived upto Sept 30, 2019.
1.5 Mapping of award to the student's registered CVL-AD Account based on Aadhaar / CVL ID - as provided by AI / Govt. Deptt / Statutory Bodies Depository system will have Aadhaar / CVL ID of the Students based on the registered CVL-AD account of the student. AI will provide student identity details for each award being lodged including Aadhaar /existing CVL ID as part of awards data. Depository will match the student identity in CVL-AD account details with Award details and map the awards to the students. This will enable the rightful students to gain access to their awards. AI can also update the Student Identity details. NIL.
1.6 Standard MIS MHRD / UGC/AI will identify the important reports that may be needed by AI to operate and use the system. Such reports will be made available by the Depository as Standardised reports. AI can draw these reports from the Depository and use the same. NIL.
1.7 Verification of Awards issued by other Academic Institutions / Govt. Departments / Statutory Bodies If the AI needs to verify the academic awards lodged by any other participating AI in the system for a purpose which is consistent with CVL-AD Objectives, it can apply through the Depository system to verify such awards. Depository will generate a unique transaction ID and present the verification request to the concerned student. Student can view the request, reasons for requesting verification and also the details of the Verification entity. If student approves the verification request, the award details would be made available to the verifying entity for its use. This may be available for access for the period as may be limited by the student or Depository policy. 10% of AI Charges subject to minimum of Rs. 25/-

Charges payable by Students / Award Holders
Sr.No. Charge Head Service Description Charge Ceiling
2.1 Registration Depository system will provide facility to the Students / Award Holders to register on Depository system and create an online account to access and store their digital academic awards. This facility would use such registration and KYC processes as may be considered appropriate from time to time. Presently the registration is enabled on two methods 1) Aadhaar based online KYC or 2) Declaration of the details by the student and Verification by the Academic Institution. NIL.
2.2 Viewing of Academic Awards Depository would enable the student with whom a particular CVL-AD Certificate ID is mapped to view the academic award online. Currently waived for all Students.
2.3 Annual Usage Fee Depository would maintain the details of student profile, awards data lodged and mapped, transactions effected and audit trail. Depository will provide important communications and alerts to concerned students. It will facilitate the Student to perform and operate all services as CVL-AD framework and reports.
2.4 Downloading of Academic Awards Depository would enable the student with whom a particular CVL-AD Certificate ID is mapped to download the academic award online.
1. Payment Gateway Charges, Charges levied by UIDAI, Taxes, Printing & Despatch Costs would be charged extra.
2. Verification request can be initiated by the Verifying Entity or by the Student / Award Holder to whom the CVL-AD Certificate is mapped. Both the Users are able to decide whether Verifying Entity should pay the verification fee or the concerned Student / Award Holder.
3. Student consent is mandatory for all Verifications.
4. The Verification Charges will be over & above the AI Charges.
5. Any service not listed here would be provided based on need and mutual scope and commercial agreement between the Depository.
6. The Commercials may be revised from time to time subject to mutual consent.
7. Condition of Charges is subject to MHRD/UGC guidelines.