CVL Academic Depository (CVL-AD)|Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q: What is CVL-AD System?
Ans: CVL Academic Depository (CVL-AD) is repository developed to facilitate issuance and storage of academic awards to students in an online depository system on the pattern of Securities Depository.
Q: Who are the stake-holders in CVL-AD system?
Ans: : Academic Institutions, Students and other Verification Users (Employers, Banks, Consulates, Academic Institutions) are the main stakeholders in CVL-AD system.
Q: How does CVL-AD system operate and who provides the Depository Services under CVL-AD system?
Ans: The Students Academic Awards are uploaded and managed by the Academic Institution (Universities, Boards, INIs)whereas, CVL-AD provides the platform to upload and safely store the data in its Depository.
Q: How do I/we register myself/ourselves in CVL-AD?
Ans: : You can visit the CVL-AD Portal on for registration.
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